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Man awarded $250,000 in 1968 wrongful conviction case

Saturday, January 25, 2014 11:45 pm

By Sarah Schulz

[email protected]

A former Grand Island resident, once convicted of murdering his wife and staging an accident to cover up the crime, has been awarded $250,000 in a wrongful conviction case.

Thomas F. Davis, now a resident of Lancaster County, received the favorable verdict in his complaint case against the state of Nebraska last week.

The attorneys represented Davis in the wrongful conviction case, the reversal, retrial and acquittal came after Davis had spent over a year in the Nebraska State Penitentiary, where he was stabbed, witnessed several homicides, lost his business, and lost custody of his seven children.

We worked diligently to protect the rights of the accused, he wrote. “We know, if the criminal justice system was 99 percent accurate, there would still be 1,000s of people incarcerated every year from crimes they did not commit. Unfortunately, the justice system is not that accurate. I am very proud of attorneys Perry Pirsch and Matt Aerni for their work to ensure justice was done and an innocent man has been vindicated after 40 years. (The) verdict goes a long way to undoing the injustice that was done to Thomas F. Davis.”

Jury awards woman shot by her ex-boyfriend $100,000 for pain, suffering

By LORI PILGER / Lincoln Journal Star  Sep 8, 2015

A Lancaster County jury Tuesday found that a woman’s ex-boyfriend owes her $100,000 for her pain and suffering after shooting her last year, leaving a bullet lodged near her spine….

In a civil lawsuit filed last year, attorney Perry Pirsch said Andrea Eberspacher and Boye had been arguing that day after smoking methamphetamine and drinking vodka, when Eberspacher suddenly felt pain in her right side and back, looked at her side and realized she’d been shot.

The .22-caliber bullet tore through her right kidney, liver and colon and lodged near her spine.

Pirsch said Eberspacher needed a foot-long incision through her midsection, leaving a scar that bisected her “happiness is a warm gun” tattoo.

She had to spend two days in intensive care.

In June, Lancaster County District Judge Steven Burns found Boye civilly liable for Eberspacher’s injuries and the $19,567.75 she was left with in medical bills as a result of being shot.

Man to pay medical bills in shooting that marred tattoo

AP News |Posted: Jun 13, 2015 7:20 PM

Eberspacher’s attorney, Perry Pirsch, said the couple had been arguing when she felt a sudden pain in her right side and back and screamed that Boye had shot her.

The .22-caliber bullet tore through her right kidney, liver and colon and lodged near her spine. Pirsch said Eberspacher needed a foot-long incision through her midsection, leaving a scar that bisects her tattoo of the lyric from the Beatles. She had to spend two days in intensive care, the lawyer said.

Eberspacher sued Boye last year.

At Boye’s sentencing in October, his attorney in the criminal trial, Dennis Keefe, said the shooting was an accident and that Boye apologized to Eberspacher on the way to the hospital.

Local attorney steps in when clients can’t get liquor license

By NANCY HICKS / Column  Nov 17, 2015

When owners of a new Lincoln restaurant went to get a liquor license they discovered the manager must be a U.S. citizen…

The laws are archaic, said Perry Pirsch, the Lincoln attorney who represents the restaurant owners and who went beyond the normal call of duty.

Pirsch put his name in as manager for the liquor license and got approval from the City Council this week….

Pirsch believes the state law is discriminatory, based on national origin. And he is working on getting it changed in the Legislature. In the meantime, several of the new restaurant’s owners will be eligible to become U.S. citizens in about two years.

“Perry is our best friend lawyer,” restaurant spokeswoman Lin “Shelly” Linling told the council.

New PAC to target Lincoln council races

By Deena Winter  /   March 26, 2013

Pirsch said the PAC surveyed all candidates in the City Council race, and only three Republican candidates responded (Fellers, Whitehead and Christensen) and all promised to vote against tax increases. (Leirion Gaylor Baird told the PAC she didn’t fill out the survey because she didn’t seek the group’s endorsement.)

Pirsch said the PAC will hold accountable politicians who break campaign promises to hold the line on taxes and spending. Carroll, for example, promised several times while campaigning not to raise taxes, but in 2011 voted to increase Lincoln’s property tax 10 percent and wheel tax 35 percent.

“We afforded him a chance to explain his votes in our survey, why he went back on the promises and why he believed hikes were necessary, but he did not respond,” Pirsch said via email.

Nebraska’s No-Stalemate, Commie Legislature

Commie Cornhuskers? Nope, just politically accommodating.

Betsy Woodruff /  5.29.15 6:30 PM ET

“There’s just potholes everywhere here,” said Perry Pirsch, a prominent Lincoln attorney and spokesman for Citizens for a Better Lincoln PAC. “And there’s bridges that are in rough shape and potentially could crumble if they’re not worked on in the years to come, and we were overdue for an increase.”

Parking law favors brothers over sisters

By KEVIN ABOUREZK / Lincoln Journal Star Nov 16, 2011

Lincoln attorney Perry Andrew Pirsch recently suggested changing the ordinance, which prompted the Planning Department’s proposal. He said he learned about the discrepancy while serving as chapter adviser for the Chi Phi fraternity at UNL.

Chi Phi bought a nearly 110-year-old bed and breakfast at 17th and C streets last spring and plans to renovate it, but is struggling to find parking spaces for the former Anniversary Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

“I thought correcting (the ordinance) may be to the benefit of the house as they look for parking solutions for Chi Phi,” Pirsch said.

The house has five parking spaces, and the fraternity hopes to add another five or six. It may have to lease some of those spaces from neighbors, Pirsch said.

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