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Lincoln Government Relations Attorneys Give Businesses a Voice

Nebraska public policy lawyers assist organizations with regulatory and administrative issues

Congress, state legislatures and government agencies often mean well when they create laws and regulations. But, unfortunately, their actions often hurt business in ways they may not anticipate. For this reason, it is important to give your business or organization a voice in legislative and administrative decisions. At Pirsch Legal Services, PC, LLO, we represent all types of organizations across all levels of government to make sure their concerns are heard. Our experienced attorneys understand the impact that regulatory requirements can have on your company’s bottom line and we work hard to advocate on your behalf.

Creating channels of communication at all levels of government

Our attorneys understand that government agencies of all sizes and at all levels are capable of creating impediments for your business. The many types of regulatory and legislative groups we deal with include:

  • Town zoning boards
  • Planning commissions
  • Environmental regulators on the state and federal level
  • Financial regulators including SEC, FINRA, FDIC, CFTC and the Federal Reserve
  • State legislatures
  • United States Senate and the House of Representatives
  • Executive Branch agencies such as the USDA, the Interior Department, the DOE, HUD and the DOT

This list is by no means exhaustive. Our team of Lincoln attorneys has the experience to represent your organization’s interests in front of any administrative or regulatory group that impacts your business.

Helping you accomplish your goals and avoid interference

We work to educate governing bodies on the burdens that regulatory regimes place on businesses like yours. Our firm provides regulators and legislators with the information they need to make informed decisions through personal meetings and written documents. Our advocates have experience in government and understand how decisions are made. We use this experience to advise your organization and to help your organization promote its perspective. In any area of the law and across a broad spectrum of industries, we help you solve your challenges effectively and ethically.

Contact us when your organization needs a voice

When legislation or regulation threatens your business goals, you need attorneys with the experience to carry your concerns to the halls of government. At Pirsch Legal Services, PC, LLO, we help businesses and other organizations educate government officials on the possible consequences of their actions. Our Lincoln attorneys serve clients in Nebraska. Call us today at 402-521-3827 contact us online to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.

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