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Liquor Licensing

Nebraska Liquor License Attorneys Help Facilitate Approval

Assisting businesses with issuance and compliance

Restaurants, clubs, caterers and vendors rely on their liquor licenses to be successful. But license applications or transfers can often get tied up in red tape, and alleged violations can put your license in jeopardy. To enhance your prospects for success, you need a knowledgeable, determined attorney to secure this crucial business asset. The lawyers at Pirsch Legal Services, PC, LLO help clients:

  • Obtain the appropriate liquor license for your business
  • Obtain special events permits for your event
  • Remain in compliance with licensing laws
  • Defend businesses charged with licensing violations
  • Represent clients at disciplinary and compliance hearings

Reliable legal counsel for the food and beverage industry

A valid liquor license or permit is required for the lawful service, consumption, distribution or sale of alcohol, even if liquor, beer or wine is not your business’s sole or primary product. We regularly work with all sectors of the food and beverage industry, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Caterers
  • Private clubs
  • Wine distributors
  • Grocery stores
  • Manufacturers or wholesalers
  • Special events venues
  • Nonprofit and charitable organizations

If controversies arise with your business that threaten the standing of your liquor license, our attorneys respond immediately and take decisive steps to resolve the problem.

Guidance for your license application

Your business must meet specific requirements to be issued a liquor license. We meticulously prepare your application and closely monitor the process until you have received the necessary licenses and permits. We foresee potential issues and help you rectify problems to prevent delays or denials.

Advice on compliance to safeguard your operations

You must comply with the strict laws governing the liquor license. Failure to adhere to legal regulations can result in serious penalties, including steep fines; revocation of your authorization to sell, serve or distribute alcohol; and even your business being closed. Our attorneys assist you in understanding your obligations and defend your business from allegations of noncompliance.

Contact knowledgeable liquor license lawyers to assist your business

Pirsch Legal Services, PC, LLO is located in Lincoln, Nebraska and represents clients throughout Nebraska. Call us at 402-521-3827 or contact the firm online to schedule your consultation.

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